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I hope one day you will realize I did truly care for you. I promise you’re going to miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you. You’re going to regret everything you’ve done to me, including all the damage you caused. And some day you’ll turn back, and I won’t be waiting for you any longer. I might have been worthless to you, but you’ll miss me when I’ve become priceless to another. xx (via imallthat—youneed) 956 notes // reblog


buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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But she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind. Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby  (via emilyyyinwonderland) 2,080 notes // reblog

Take me away
I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you. (via true-love-is-everything) 14,468 notes // reblog

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